How to get more soundcloud followers

SoundCloud is one of the top choices of rappers, musicians, composers, artists and singers, who want to promote their work to larger audience. It could be songs, music and other types of media, which they want to share with the world. One of the common problems faced by musicians is promotion of their songs in the initial stages. There are only a few number of people who would listen to their song without any significant promotion. You may want to market and advertise your song, however it’s possible that you are short on budget. In such circumstances, you need to develop large number of SoundCloud followers to promote your songs to Hundreds and Thousands of people without incurring any cost.

Create and Post Quality tunes

In order to get followers, you need to create quality tunes and share it with others. It’s obvious you won’t get any followers, if you don’t have anything to share with them. You should focus on a specific niche and upload your music, which people would like to listen. If your uploaded music/song gets viral on social sites, you will develop massive following on SoundCloud.

Opt for Free or Paid Account

SoundCloud provides you the option to choose from either free or paid account. If you opt for free account, you don’t have to pay anything, however you can do uploads only for a certain period of time. Such type of account will not work well, especially if you want to upload large amount of content to the site. In such situations, you can opt for a premium account which will remove all limitations associated with free accounts.

Share on Social Media

By now you have already uploaded some tunes on SoundCloud, which need to be shared with others. You can share different links with your friends at other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can also use other networks such as Reddit, Stumble upon and Pinterest to share your stuff. When you music will get more traffic, you will get more followers.

Participate in the Community

If you become an active member and participate in the community, you will get more exposure for your songs and music. However, you also need to listen to other people’s songs and leave insightful comments, which will help them to improve. You should always appreciate good work and follow other users. When you follow other people, they are likely to follow you back!

Use images with your posts

The two sites (StumbleUpon and Pinterest) can help you get massive number of hits for your tunes. However, you need to post a good picture with each link of your song, which will attract people towards your music. If you already have a good page with huge number of followers, you will get greater number of soundcloud tracks likes whenever you will share a link. When you share any picture/image with your link, it must be relevant with overall theme of your song.

Once you are able to implement and follow the above mentioned tips, you will see a massive increase in Soundcloud followers.


How do Pregnancy Tests Work?

All pregnancy tests look for a special hormone detected only found in the urine or blood when a woman is pregnant. This pregnancy hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

Difference between a urine pregnancy test and blood test?

There are two types of pregnancy tests, which are blood test and urine test. Both tests are done to find out the presence of HCG or the pregnancy hormone. Today, many women use a urine or home pregnancy test to find out if they are pregnant. The pregnancy tests are inexpensive, easy to use, can be done at home. If a woman gets a positive result from a home pregnancy test, you need to visit your health care provider immediately.

The health care provider can confirm the positive outcome of the test through a blood test and a pelvic exam.

There are two types of blood test health care provider can perform.

  • A quantitative form of blood test can measure the precise amount of HCG in your blood. This means you can detect very small amounts of HCG, which makes it a very accurate analysis.
  • The qualitative analysis of the blood gives a simple answer, either positive or negative, as to whether you are pregnant. The accuracy of this test is similar to that of urine tests. Blood tests can detect HCG closer to the beginning of the pregnancy in comparison to urine tests.

How is the home pregnancy test done?

There are various types of pregnancy tests, which can be done at home with helps of medicines or pharmacies purchased from stores. Some of these tests involve collecting urine in a cup and then dipping a stick into that urine, or placing of dropper with urine in a special container. Others are performed by placing a stick in the urine stream.

The times varies for each test, when you have to wait for the stick or container change color or show a symbol. All of these tests contain written instructions for the users. Most tests also have toll-free number, so that you can call and ask questions about how to do the test or interpret the results.

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

The home pregnancy tests are very accurate. Most brands of home pregnancy tests claim to have an accuracy of between 97% and 99%, but this may vary in reality. Different brands vary in sensitivity to detect the hormone HCG. If the test is not done correctly, it will be less accurate. And always check the package to make sure it has not passed its expiration date, or the result will not be exact.

Most brands of home pregnancy tests tell you to repeat the test a few days later. If the HPT is very near the beginning of pregnancy, it may not be enough hormone in urine to give a positive result. Most of the HPTs are accurate, if the test is done around the time where you should have your period (about 2 weeks after the egg leaves your ovary).

You may have a negative result if you are not pregnant, or if you have ovulated later than you thought. If you have problems with pregnancy then it can affect the amount of HCG in the urine. If your home pregnancy test is negative, then do it again in a few days or a week. If you keep getting negative results, and you think you are pregnant, talk with healthcare provider immediately.


ALDI in America

The German supermarket chain ALDI, which are better known for their simplicity are highly popular in the United States. There are more than 1270 stores in just 32 states. Their competitor and world’s largest retailer Walmart has a branch, where 25 million US citizens buy according to the company. The ALDI group itself does not publish any balance sheets, however the Industry Experts believe that the company had an estimated sales of nine billion U.S dollar in the year 2013.

When an American for the first time enters ALDI and buys something, then he is initially surprised. There are no branded products but stacked no-name products. There’s no one who grabs one’s purchases and puts them in bags. And yes, the customers are not allowed to use credit card.

Yes, it’s true that ALDI only accepts cash and debit card. The high popularity of the company is due to their effective discount system.

ALDI as Winners of the Financial Crisis

According to a research, ALDI offers almost 20 percent cheaper prices in comparison to Walmart and even more than 30 percent cheaper than local supermarkets. In basic foods you can save quite a bit extra as compared to others. ALDI is different from other stores as no one grabs your purchases in bags or to the car and it’s done by the person himself. You also need to bring either cash or credit card to make the payment, since no credit cards are allowed. These things are not considered a problem as long as the prices are kept low at ALDI.

ALDI is truly one of the greatest winners of financial crisis in the United States. According to Time Magazine in the year 2008, ALDI is the grocer for the Recession. Although is officially been over four years, but according to a study by market research institute Report Buyer, this crisis has led towards rethinking of consumers. The ketchup on the hot dog does not have to be necessarily of Heinz, the breakfast cereal no longer necessarily of Kellogg’s.

According to a survey by Market Force, ALDI is the most popular discounter in the country. It’s also listed in the best supermarkets in total Trader Joe’s. Now it gets more interesting, since the American branch of ALDI belong to Trader Joe’s since 1979. There are nearly 500 stores in the U.S. and almost half of them are in California. Trader Joe’s is considered best supermarket for organic products and they are still not overpriced as they are made ​​for the Californian lifestyle. The overall turnover is estimated at eight billion dollars a year.

So, there are two strategies of the two separated by ALDI equator companies, both of which are currently very successful. Klaus Gehrig, head of the Schwarz Group, said in June that there may be branches of ALDI in the United States soon. In the first step, there are about 100 offshoot planned in the year 2015. These seem to be paying off in a country, where hardly anyone complained about the service as long as the prices are kept low enough.